Simplifying the Management of Competencies, Training, Qualifications and Licences

Undertaking work without the necessary competencies, training, qualifications or licences  puts your people and company at risk. You may be breaking the law, which could lead to financial penalties and damage to your business’s reputation.

It is critical to the success of your business to manage these competencies, training, qualifications and licences.

RSURED makes it easy to manage all of these, saving you time and money, and reducing risk within your business.

A Competency to Work (CTW), refers to any competency, qualification, training, course, induction, medical or assessment required by a person to perform work. RSURED keeps track of all of your CTWs in one place. Key Indicator Tiles, Automatic Reports and Notifications, and a CTW Tracking Calendar are just some of the features of RSURED. These features make it quick and easy to get the information you need, in a way that suits you and your business, to make sure your people are compliant.

The Key Indicator Dashboard is where you can get a basic overview of all of your people and the relevant CTWs.

RSURED Key Indicator Dashboard

You can define the roles people have inside your business. Then CTWs can be assigned to specific roles and the CTWs of each individual can be tracked to ensure they meet the requirements of their particular role(s). On top of key information such as expiry dates, you can save documentary evidence for each individual. From the Key Indicator Dashboard you can delve deeper to find exact information about expiry dates regarding CTWs and individuals within certain roles.

Personnel Role Compliance Overview

Automatic reports make it easy for you to find this information and view it in a way that suits your needs. Emails are produced and sent out automatically to the relevant people advising them of upcoming expiry dates.

Upcoming CTW Expiries

Huge lists of management responsibilities can be daunting – particularly when it comes to dealing with deadlines and making sure your people maintain compliance. To make things even more simple, RSURED also presents all of the CTW expiry information in a calendar so that you can tackle the expiry dates on a month by month basis.

CTW Expiry Calendar

Although simplifying information can be fantastic to help with ongoing management of your CTWs, sometimes you will need to be able to access all of the information at once so you can plan for the future. RSURED makes this easy with the CTW Expiry Matrix.

You can plan years in advance for the expirition of CTWs. Information is broken down by role, with expiry dates for individual’s CTWs within that role being broken down by month.

CTW Expiry Matrix

On top of offering you the flexibility to access information in a way that suits you and your business, RSURED automatically notifies you of upcoming expiry dates. Email notifications can be customised to suit the type of CTW so that you are made aware of expiries and who they affect ahead of time.

Let RSURED track your compliance so that you can focus on your work. Remain informed, in touch and in control with the flexibility to access and manage information in a way that suits you.

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