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No internet? No Problem! The Secret to Paperless Mobile Data Collection for Your Business

Do you work remotely in an industry such as mining, construction, maintenance services or manufacturing, where internet access is not guaranteed?

Have you fumbled around on-site with cumbersome clipboards full of forms, only to have to reenter your data into a database later on?

It’s a painful process that wastes time and money.

Thankfully, there is finally a solution to this problem!

rsuredTM is an enterprise level system that allows you to enter data directly from your mobile device – and here’s the kicker – even when you don’t have an internet connection.

No longer will you need to record and enter data multiple times. Everything is stored in one place and is accessible across all of your devices. Directly access the cloud application in the office, enter data in remote locations using the mobile app or integrate with existing systems inside your business. However your business operates, rsuredTM has the flexibility to work for you.

rsured™ works across all of your devices.

rsuredTM integrates and automates your business management systems and provides customisable dashboards to reduce complexity and improve efficiency.

Rsured Module Wheel

An innovative, modular, cloud platform that is affordable, effective and easy to use. rsuredTM enables you to be in control of your business management systems anywhere, any time.

With the ability to have purpose-built apps, rsuredTM can make it easy for your staff to

  • Report Hazards
  • Report Incidents
  • Report Non-Conformances
  • Conduct audits and assessments
  • Complete task hazard analysis and risk assessments
  • Complete quality assurance checks
  • Conduct housekeeping inspections
  • And anything else you require!

With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, rsuredTM lets you access the core features you need wherever or whenever you need them.

The mobile app is completely connected to the rsuredTM cloud application, utilising the same security settings that have already been configured. This means your data is continually synchronising to ensure the information you are seeing is up to date.

However, sometimes access to the internet isn’t always available but you still need to enter your data. What then? The rsuredTM Mobile app also has built-in offline functionality to solve this problem.

rsured™ still lets you access the features you need offline.
rsured™ still lets you access the features you need offline.

The features you need are still available offline. Any data you collect is stored to your device. Once you reconnect to the internet,  your data will automatically sync and be available for everyone else across rsuredTM.

You can utilise your device (Apple, Android or Windows) to ensure the data you collect is high quality and easy to understand. GPS tracking can automatically identify the site you are on and ensure your data is allocated correctly and photos can be attached to specific assessments if required. On top of this, rsuredTM has the capability to integrate with third-party applications and ERP systems. You can collect and utilise your data in a way that will best suit your business.

Although data collection isn’t necessarily the most exciting process, we now live in a world where proof of compliance is part of doing business. rsuredTM offers you the functionality and flexibility to make it as easy as possible. Efficiency is increased and everything is stored in one place, making it easy to analyse, comply and build improvements into your business.

Let RSURED simplify all aspects of your data collection, collation and access. Remain informed, in touch and in control with the flexibility to access and manage information in a way that you have never been able to before.

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Simplifying the Management of Competencies, Training, Qualifications and Licences

Undertaking work without the necessary competencies, training, qualifications or licences  puts your people and company at risk. You may be breaking the law, which could lead to financial penalties and damage to your business’s reputation.

It is critical to the success of your business to manage these competencies, training, qualifications and licences.

RSURED makes it easy to manage all of these, saving you time and money, and reducing risk within your business.

A Competency to Work (CTW), refers to any competency, qualification, training, course, induction, medical or assessment required by a person to perform work. RSURED keeps track of all of your CTWs in one place. Key Indicator Tiles, Automatic Reports and Notifications, and a CTW Tracking Calendar are just some of the features of RSURED. These features make it quick and easy to get the information you need, in a way that suits you and your business, to make sure your people are compliant.

The Key Indicator Dashboard is where you can get a basic overview of all of your people and the relevant CTWs.

RSURED Key Indicator Dashboard

You can define the roles people have inside your business. Then CTWs can be assigned to specific roles and the CTWs of each individual can be tracked to ensure they meet the requirements of their particular role(s). On top of key information such as expiry dates, you can save documentary evidence for each individual. From the Key Indicator Dashboard you can delve deeper to find exact information about expiry dates regarding CTWs and individuals within certain roles.

Personnel Role Compliance Overview

Automatic reports make it easy for you to find this information and view it in a way that suits your needs. Emails are produced and sent out automatically to the relevant people advising them of upcoming expiry dates.

Upcoming CTW Expiries

Huge lists of management responsibilities can be daunting – particularly when it comes to dealing with deadlines and making sure your people maintain compliance. To make things even more simple, RSURED also presents all of the CTW expiry information in a calendar so that you can tackle the expiry dates on a month by month basis.

CTW Expiry Calendar

Although simplifying information can be fantastic to help with ongoing management of your CTWs, sometimes you will need to be able to access all of the information at once so you can plan for the future. RSURED makes this easy with the CTW Expiry Matrix.

You can plan years in advance for the expirition of CTWs. Information is broken down by role, with expiry dates for individual’s CTWs within that role being broken down by month.

CTW Expiry Matrix

On top of offering you the flexibility to access information in a way that suits you and your business, RSURED automatically notifies you of upcoming expiry dates. Email notifications can be customised to suit the type of CTW so that you are made aware of expiries and who they affect ahead of time.

Let RSURED track your compliance so that you can focus on your work. Remain informed, in touch and in control with the flexibility to access and manage information in a way that suits you.

Select and Manage your Contractors with EASE

Do you have problems with your contractor prequalification and management processes? How would you feel if you no longer had these problems?

RSURED solves these problems.

RSURED provides a seamless business process for the management and administration of contractors – encompassing prequalification and approval, monitoring and maintenance.

Administration of contractors, including their people, plant items and much more are streamlined under a single system with EASE…

A simple yet effective management system that lives up to its name.

RSURED makes it easy for everyone to manage compliance.

For Principals and Managing Contractors, RSURED

  • Provides a system which outlines all compliance obligations
  • Makes all contractors visible
  • Has everything in one place
  • Automates processes, reminders and notifications
  • Is a single system for all contractors

For Contractors and Sub-Contractors, RSURED

  • Makes it clear what the Managing Contractor requires
  • Provides the tools for them to meet these requirements
  • Has everything in one place
  • Automates processes, reminders and notifications
  • Removes the pain of not knowing what to do

The Contractor Manages Their Information

Transparency is what the process is all about. The contractor enters all required information into the module, removing paper-based applications. RSURED has 15 prequalification sections that the contractor completes directly. With customisation, these sections can be hidden and new sections may be added.

The process reduces double handling, whilst creating an active audit trail. Real-time feedback is provided for any missing information the contractor has failed to provide, while the integrated prequalification system can track the status of application stages.

Compliance Made Simple

Being affordable, effective and straightforward, this cloud platform is like no other. The module’s accessible dashboard allows you to check the contractor status in real time. Key Indicators sorted into tiles identify exceptions and required actions with minimal complexity.

Compliant with ISO standards, Contractors is one of nine RSURED modules that drive the integrated management system.

Rsured Module Wheel

Improve your business with the automation and scalability of RSURED. Be in control anywhere, anytime and create ease of manageability within your organisation.

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