Business Improvement

Continuous Improvement rsured™ – Our business continually improves through enhanced management of non-conformances, corrective actions and improvement projects.

  • rsured™ ensures that continuous business improvement is an ongoing process in your day-to-day operations.
  • rsured™ records and classifies all non-conformances and ensures corrective actions are allocated to responsible people.
  • rsured™ tracks and manages specific improvement projects, records all meetings and minutes for easy reference, and records all lessons learnt (e.g. Safety Bulletins) so you can share these with your stakeholders.
  • rsured™ gives you the assurance that the effective management of non-conformances, corrective actions, meetings, improvement projects and lessons learnt is part of your business culture and driving continuous improvement.

Pre-configured Functionality


  • Record and classify non-conformances from both internal and external sources.
  • Non-conformances can be linked to your Audits, Inspections and Meetings.
  • Allocate Non-conformances to responsible people.

Corrective Actions

  • Manage the corrective actions resulting from the incident. Allocate responsibilities and monitor status.
  • Corrective Actions can be linked to Incidents and Non-conformances.
  • Allocate Corrective Actions to responsible people.

Improvement Projects

  • Track and management continuous improvement projects.


  • Record all your meetings and attach the minutes for easy reference.

Lessons Learnt

  • Record all your Learnings (e.g. Safety Bulletins) and share with your stakeholders.