Your Single Integrated Business Management System


rsured™ is an innovative, modular, cloud platform that enables you to be in control anywhere, any time.
rsured™ integrates and automates your business management systems and provides customisable dashboards to reduce complexity and improve efficiency.

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Manage your People

Ensure your personnel are competent and trained to undertake the work they are allocated, and more importantly, highlight if personnel are not competent.

Make sure your plant and equipment are compliant

rsured™ ensures your plant and equipment is correctly authorised and your operators have the competencies and any necessary certificates.

Manage your Contractors

rsured™ gives you visibility over all your contractors’ compliance relating to licences, insurances and certifications (including safety, quality and environment), automatically notifying you of upcoming expiries for all of these elements.

All our HSEQ Documents are compliant and up-to-date

rsured™ manages all your policies, procedures, emergency plans, work instructions and safety documents, including the person responsible for the document and review and expiry dates.

Manage your Hazard Registers

rsured™ gives your business robust risk assessment and hazard reporting and management processes.

Incident & Injury reporting complies with regulators’ requirements.

rsured™ gives you an effective business process for reporting, investigating and analysing incidents, and tracks the status of and accountability for incidents and any resulting actions.

Evidence-based Assurance

rsured™ gives you a business process for audit planning, management and reporting, and schedules inspections and manages the corrective action process. Configurable to your existing audit process.

Continuous Business Improvement

Continuous Improvement for your enterprise through enhanced management and tracking of: Non-Conformance, Corrective Actions, Improvement Projects, Meetings and Lessons Learnt.

Everything with the goal of managing your work

Catering for all types of work – projects, service, maintenance, contracting, production and job shopping – rsured™ associates any hazards and controls with your work structure.

Be rsured™  with an Integrated Business System

Why rsured™ ?

Imagine a technology solution enabling any business to be in control, by bringing its systems and information together, in real time. Discover how to immediately improve your efficiency with automated systems and workflows with rsured™ .


rsured™ is an all-in-one system that gives you real-time information to manage the challenges and questions faced by all businesses every day…

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Affordable, effective and easy to use, rsured™ delivers peace of mind that your business is always compliant and in control, across every element of your business…

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