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Prioritisation and productivity – The key to being in control

Author: Laurence Stitt CPA BBus GradDipMgt
Director Convergenius Pty Ltd

In my formative years as a manager I was privileged to have worked for two CEOs who taught me some valuable skills. Both of these CEOs were impressively organised. When I walked into their office I was always amazed by how well organised and tidy everything was. There would only be a few files on their desk at any one time. Being of an inquisitive nature and hungry to learn I asked how they managed to be so organised. I received the same answer from both of them.

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Project on a page – A Management Reporting Tool

Author: Graham Mannix – Director Convergenius Pty Ltd

Over the years I have tried to improve how I report to management and developed what I call ‘Project on a page’. If you can’t fit it on a page then don’t bother!  Why you may ask?  There are a number of reasons why I set out to simplify the management reporting process.

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Why every business should be exploiting real-time business management system solutions

What happens when you harness the power of real-time data, integrated into your business management system? Here are 5 compelling reasons why every business should be exploiting real-time business management system solutions.

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5 essential work management system functions

Your work management system should make life easier for you, negating the need for multiple data locations, or paper and excel- based systems, that are now inadequate.


Here are 5 essential functions your work management system should provide:

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The rsured™ integrated business system, from a user perspective

The real-world benefits of the rsured™ integrated business system, from a user perspective

Dan Smith shares his personal insights into the real-world benefits of implementing the rsured™ integrated business system, from a user perspective as a WHS Advisor for a geographically diversified food processing company involved in the agricultural industry employing over 400 people.


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Telecoms Infrastructure Specialist Scores Rapid Growth with Enhanced Business System Technology

Lightsource Services offers telecom companies a full end-to-end managed service for the construction of network infrastructure, including NBNco compliant solutions for new development estates and multiple dwelling units. Backed by a team of 90 employees, Lightsource Services specialises in the development of compliant pit and pipe designs and is experienced in the development of compliant pathway designs for multiple dwelling units.

Updating our business management systems with an rsured™ technology solution, has allowed Lightsource Services to operate and grow rapidly.

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New Business System Generates Multiple Benefits for Logistics Provider

PIQ Logistics provides a permanent basing of a Singaporean military vehicle fleet, including maintenance support, repair and overhaul for a wide range of armoured vehicles and military transport, in addition to logistics commodity supply. PIQ Logistics outgrew its previous business systems, which were no longer adequate for their requirements.

Identifying a need to improve staff training, tracking and reporting alongside greater compliance management; PIQ Logistics invested in the rsured™ technology solution for their business. Since implementing their rsured™ technology solution, PIQ Logistics have benefited from the simplicity and ease of managing Safety, Quality and Environment aspects across their enterprise.

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Why you should integrate your HSEQ management system with your business management system

Integrating your HSEQ management system can seem like a daunting task, however the countless benefits make the decision to move away from running multiple business management systems a simple one.

Signs that indicate you should integrate your HSEQ management system include:

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3 ways to solve your daily actions management stress

Managers today are searching for ways to streamline, automate and manage the complex business actions process they face daily. Many managers do not realise that a comprehensive integrated business system already encompasses the actions management solutions they are searching for.

Here are 3 ways you can solve your daily actions management stress with an integrated business management system:

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25 remarkable ways an integrated management system improves your business


When I think of an integrated management system, I am always reminded of that classic quote from the cult classic film ‘The Six-Million Dollar Man’ – “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better … stronger … faster.


A good integrated management system is a technology solution that really can make your business better, stronger and faster, in ways that would astound business owners from the era of ‘The Six-Million Dollar Man’!


Here are 25 remarkable ways that an integrated management system will improve your business, today:

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