25 remarkable ways an integrated management system improves your business


When I think of an integrated management system, I am always reminded of that classic quote from the cult classic film ‘The Six-Million Dollar Man’ – “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better … stronger … faster.


A good integrated management system is a technology solution that really can make your business better, stronger and faster, in ways that would astound business owners from the era of ‘The Six-Million Dollar Man’!


Here are 25 remarkable ways that an integrated management system will improve your business, today:

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Common problems managers face and how to fix them

There are many common problems managers face.  Do you ask yourself these questions?

“I want more time and less stress.”
“I want to know how to achieve our goals.”


You spend countless hours managing your staff and contractors, ensuring compliance, handling customer complaints, conducting incident investigations, eliminating hazards and doing all those necessary time-consuming activities. Hours are regularly spent doing reports, following up with team members, chasing deadlines, managing countless projects; and not to mention the time lost searching for the information you require.

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